Server Side Rendering with Angular 4

As server side rendering is considered a strategic feature for Google's SPA-Flagship, the product team decided to include a refactored version directly into the framework. Beginning with Angular 4, this version is available. In this article I'm describing the necessary steps to extend an existing Angular 4 application with server side rendering. [Mehr]

New Library Version: Authentication and Authorization for Angular with OAuth 2 and OIDC

In the last days, I've updated my lib that allows to use OAuth 2 and OpenId Connect (OIDC) together with Angular 2 to implement modern auth scenarios. In order to align with the new naming conventions (#JustAngular) it is called angular-oauth2-oidc now. It can be downloaded via npm. Same examples showing how to use it can be found in the npm repository. The next sections describe the new features. [Mehr]

Sticky Routes in Angular 2.3+ with RouteReuseStrategy

Beginning with Version 2.3 (and the corresponding Router Version 3.3), Angular will support sticky routes. Such routes preserve the current component's state when they are deactivated, so that it is still available when it is re-activated later. For this, the application can define its own Strategy for reusing components. [Mehr]

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